Online marketing is the promotion of certain products and services on the Internet. It brings together the creative aspects of marketing such as development, sales and advertising.

With an online environment many online users are asking informed questions about products and services and looking for information on the cost, benefits, type of products and other important queries of what is available online. Online marketing consists of several different strategies such as SEO, ecommerce, social media optimisation, affiliate marketing and many others. Every one of these strategies, when working together in unison, increases the visibility and accessibility of a website.

From these strategies, when a visitor comes to your website, an action may take place such as a phone call, subscription, a purchase or donation. These are the effects of online marketing that you want; according to what you are selling online. A range of services are provided by agencies such as online marketing agency.

There are many types of online marketing tools such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The goal of SEO is to give more visibility, authority, and relevance to a person’s website. With Social Media Optimisation leveraging of social networking sites is performed to promote a person’s content. Often, this is accomplished by joining such sites as Twitter and Facebook.

Social Bookmarking is another online marketing tool. With social bookmarking, users online save links to certain web pages they want to remember at a later date and to share with others what they found.

Then, there is PPC (Pay Per Click). Pay-per-click is an advertising model that is used to point traffic to certain websites and where advertisers pay the publisher of the site when the ad is clicked.

Ecommerce is a virtual storefront of an online business where those who are online look at and purchase products. The platforms and systems that should be used will depend on your product and what functions you need and want. Commerce systems have many functions such as tracking shipping, keeping an inventory of your stock, analyzing and keeping data in an organised fashion on your visitors and their shopping history, demographics and online behaviour.

Online marketing has many benefits such as convenience, being able to reach people throughout the world, being less expensive, being able to personalize your product, developing relationships and using various kinds of social media.

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