It has never been easier to build up your own business – without any employees – than it is right now, thanks in large part to the power of modern technology and the Internet. Solo operators are popping up left and right, creating the kind of financial future they have always dreamed of, and doing almost all of the work all on their own.

At the same time, if you really want to grow your business, transform your future, and build the kind of wealth that just isn’t possible alone – but aren’t interested in bringing on full-time employees and all of the hassle, headache, and expense that requires – you’ll want to pay close attention to the leverage that outsourcing brings to the table.

What exactly is outsourcing?

Businesses from around the world have been taking advantage of outsourcing for decades now, but thanks to modern online technology it’s now possible for literally ANYONE to outsource core pillars of their business for next to nothing, helping them build up their operation with skills they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise at price points that are almost impossible to beat.

Think of outsourcing like this – rather than hiring a full-time employee to handle all of your advertising, for example, you would instead outsource this work to an independent contractor (located anywhere around the world) at a fraction of the cost while reaping all of the benefits that they are able to offer.

You can outsource most any business task today and dramatically cut costs, improve efficiency, and boost your profitability across the board. There are a lot of big benefits to outsourcing, though you have to really knock it out of the park when it comes to hiring these outsourced employees.

Create a system for hiring outsourced employees

The most important thing you can do when you are getting ready to leverage everything that outsourced employees have to offer is to live and die by the mantra “hire slowly and fire quickly”.

There are a lot of online communities that make it easy for you to find individuals with skills, talent, and expertise that you are looking to hire, these communities allow you to describe the project that you like to outsource and then have these outsourced contractors bid for the work.

But rather than go whole hog and offer an unknown quantity the entire project that you are considering hiring outsourced employees for, instead consider breaking the project into smaller pieces and milestones so that you can hire four or five different contractors, figure out which one is the best fit, and then give them the rest of the project after you are able to verify that their promises weren’t just filled with air.

At the end of the day, when you decide to move forward with these outsourced contractors you are able to cut your costs dramatically, get work done on a 24/7 basis (if you hire individuals from around the world), and grow your business with a scalability that wasn’t possible previously.

You definitely need to look into outsourcing ASAP, if only to open up your own entrepreneurial bandwidth.

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