Hiring a small business accountant can often seem to be an overwhelming experience but if you ask the right questions before hiring one, this will probably help you save your dollars. If you have a small business accountant or a CPA who is smart enough, this can become one of the best moves for the business. You can avoid committing the most crippling mistakes when you have a CPA by your side and also ensure that you perfectly handle the financial part of your company.

Though there are the best CPAs that you can find at Philip Stein CPA, yet you should know the right questions to ask so that you may successfully choose the best one in the market. Here are few such questions to keep in mind.

Question #1: For how long time are you working as a CPA?

Firstly, before you choose the CPA with whom you’re going to work, you should ask about the time period through which he has been working as a CPA. Did they pass the standard accounting services examinations and do they have their professional credentials?

Question #2: Will you be working with me throughout or someone else may join?

In case you’ve chosen a CPA from a rather bigger firm, the person whom you meet might not be the person who will work with you on a daily basis. So, it is your duty to find out whom you will be working with and make sure you will be in touch with that person.

Question #3: Do you deliver service on time?

We all know that accounting details can become old and outdated very soon. Apart from yearly details, majority of the accounting information shouldn’t be more than 10-30 days old. Anyone should be given full control over updated information and on your CPA easily and quickly. If you hire a proficient CPA, he will work to get things done as soon as possible.

Question #4: What technology do you use for updating clients and sharing documents?

Don’t ever make the mistake of searching for the right spreadsheet or working from a backdated income statement. In case you won’t meet your accountant in person, ensure you have a rather easy way of communicating about the up-to-date details. This way, you won’t waste anyone’s valuable time.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about the ways in which you should hire a CPA for your business, keep in mind the above listed questions.

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