Farmers have always tried to create new and advanced farming machines and equipments in order to make their task simpler and a lot less labour intensive. The growth of machines not just makes job easy for farmers but they also get the opportunity to do larger amount of work within a short time span. Gone are the days when farmers put in all their labour into agriculture. Not that they don’t do it anymore, but they put in that effort in creating advanced tools so that the work gets done faster and with a lot more precision.

5 Major Types Of Farm Machinery You Need To Have

Tractors – Tractor has been one of the most iconic agricultural equipment for more than a decade now. Obviously it has undergone several changes and thanks to the latest technological advancements, it has modified itself into a lot more effective machine. The sole purpose of the tractor was for harvesting. Mass production of the tractor has helped tremendously in the agricultural fields and reaped great benefits for the farmers as well.
Combines – Combines are effective farm machinery since they cut and thresh the grain or even remove the edible grain from the stem and the hull. The combines have also undergone several changes, today they offer the luxuries of passenger cars. The modern modified versions have pressurized cabins that help in the prevention of any kind of dirt and dust. They have contributed immensely in the agricultural sector giving the much needed relief to farmers.
Cultivators – Cultivators play the most important task of preparing the soil for planting with the help of cutting groves in the soil where the seeds need to be planted. Before the cultivator came into the picture, the soil was prepared and the seeds were planted by hand. Over the years, the cultivator has evolved and the introduction of wheels have made things easier, giving the farmer better control of the entire agricultural situation. The modern cultivators are quite large in size that grasps over large areas of the field at one instance.
Plows – Plows are used for the purpose of turning and loosening the soil, this in turn improves the growth. Plow has been one of the first pieces of farming equipment and the simple version of this equipment was called the ard. There was a time when the plows were pulled by horses or oxens. Thanks to the advancement technology has made, the modern plows are now attached to tractors that smoothens the process of pulling it on the field.
Hay Balers – Hay balers are designed to collect the already cut grass and consolidates them together into round or rectangular shapes so that the storage becomes easy. Before the balers came into existence, hay was initially stored in the barn tops and that would eat up a lot of space. The steam powered balers have also been replaced with internal combustion engines to reap effective results. Today, the balers are usually pulled behind tractors to smoothen the entire process.
These are some of the major types of farm machinery that is extensively used for agricultural purposes.

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