For many years working in Industrial Machines, JPS Machinery have overwhelmed their customers and their competition by the uncompromising rigidity of Industrial Press Brakes. This rigidity coupled with simplicity and trouble free operation has made JPS Machinery one of the top selling UK made press brake manufacturers in the world.

With full tonnage throughout the stroke and more importantly throughout the entire length of the bed and ram the JPS Machinery has a repeatability advantage over most dual cylinder brakes. Typically the customer is forced to pay exorbitant prices for the parts and labor that they can only get from the manufacturer. JPS Machinery’s products with parts their customers can get parts from local suppliers and the simplicity of the equipment requires only the most basic trouble shooting.

Why buy a press brake from JPS Machinery?

  • Rigid steel frames keep these multipurpose machines accurate through their long lifetime of use.
  • Each model includes a V die set and a corresponding punch die on top to make 90° bends.
  • Manual crowning feature lets you adjust the camber of the tooling so you get consistent bending across the material.
  • They’re easy to operate. Just turn the handle 360° for a full press brake cycle.
  • Handy back gauge helps you make repeatable parts.
  • Each combo machine comes covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • You can count on lifetime technical support by phone from our team of experienced metalworkers.

The hydraulic or mechanical system used by JPS Machinery is certainly a superior concept as evident by the number of manufacturers currently offering similar products. However, we have more experience in years and thousands of products designed and manufactured than any in the business. The design experience is reflected in the size and type of bearings and shafts as well as the technical capability to design a bellcrank system that does not have excessive side loads.

Press Brake Machinery features:

  • Full length bends where full tonnage across the bed is a necessity for the truest bends
  • Off-center loading when any amount of the brakes tonnage is needed across the bed
  • Center loading where any amount of the brakes tonnage is required
  • Multiple die set-ups across the bed that require varying amounts of tonnage
  • Punching applications in one area or at varied locations across the bed – each brake has a counter balance valve to allow the least shock to the hydraulic system
  • Short piece work, with some of the fastest ram speeds on any brake, your small piece work is done quickly, easily and with precision.

All press brakes require guides to contain end movement of the ram. Other manufacturers use tiny segmented guides incorporated in the main ram guides. The JPS Machinery design is to provide a heavy duty, self aligning system at the rear center of the ram and located inside the press frame. Precision bending with a 3,4 or 8 automatic axis, several CNC control options, many production enhancing options, warranty & ongoing technical support by our UK based service team.

The press brake delivered to your work gates, ‘customer provides off load facilities’, off loaded, positioned, commissioned, ‘machine function’ training. Warranty, ongoing technical support, additional training as required, all by JPS Machinery Ltd service team. Contact us right today at + 44 (0)113 2363366 to get advice and choose the best Press Brake Machinery for your company now.

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