In recent years, the notion of investing in a full or partial office renovation has become more popular. It is a rapidly growing idea that the employees within a company are the organisation’s greatest assets and provide the dynamics and motivation that drives companies to success. When employees are unhappy and not working optimally, it has a negative impact on the bottom line and may result in business failure.

What Makes Employees More Productive?

The labour policies of Henry Ford are often cited as the beginning of work and movement studies that resulted in more productive employees and bigger profits. Indeed, many industries have implemented similar working environments, but many people think that this way of organising the workplace is coming to an end. More and more people in the workplace are expecting to be treated as human beings with feelings, rather than productive robots that follow rules.

Of course, every generation has its own set of expectations for the workplace, but studies have found that employees are more productive at work when the following things are implemented:

  • Light: Studies have concluded that employees are more productive and happy when there is an abundance of natural light entering the workplace. They feel emotionally connected to the outside world and can experience the passing of time, rather than the sterility of artificial lighting.
  • Social connections: A happy workplace is one that emphasises social connections between its employees. By designing a workspace that highlights social space, employees feel more bonded and emotionally connected to each other and the company.
  • Furnishings: Few items of furniture are more iconic in the modern workplace than the workstation, but providing the right kinds of workstations for employees is vital to their level of contentment and productivity. Companies like Express Fitouts, for instance, provide full office design and renovation services, along with custom furniture and workstation design. A service of this nature provides the ideal solution to problems of productivity and contentment in the workplace.

The Ideal Office Fitout

Melbourne office fitouts are a great way to improve the productivity of any working environment and office. Expert teams like this will be able to consult and work with business leaders to design an office environment that is tailored to the needs of the business and highlights the importance of the employees.

We have long since moved past the Industrial Age. In fact, some would call this the Post-Industrial or Information Age. This is an age where the social and personal connections that we cultivate have come to permeate every aspect of our lives, including our working lives. It is incumbent upon every business leader to recognise the needs of employees and make them work with the needs of business and industry.

By working with an experienced team like Express Fitouts, any office can be transformed into a more productive, happy, and satisfying environment for all its employees. This is to recognise the importance of people to business and the importance of prioritising the needs of employees.


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