They say that seeing is believing and when your customers see your product in action they will believe in it so much more. Many products require a demonstration as part of the sales cycle, because it is necessary to show how it works rather than tell.

However, demonstrating a product is more complicated than you might think. It’s not as easy as simply showing how the product works – it is a sales presentation that requires a lot of preparation. So how you can make sure that your product demonstration is as effective as possible? Here are some important dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

Do consider hiring a professional product demonstration agency to do a product demonstration. They will have the right experience in field marketing services and they will be able to present your product in the most effective and professional way possible.
Don’t repeat yourself. Showing a feature more than once will make your product demonstration boring, so keep it succinct.

Do check to see whether the customer understands. Ask them if they fully comprehend and if they are satisfied with the presentation.

Don’t use too much technical jargon. Your customer might not understand what you mean and it can be confusing for them.

Do make sure that you time the presentation well. There is a natural point in the sales presentation where a demonstration will have the most impact. Make sure that you insert the demonstration in this moment.

Don’t use too many marketing clichés. When you say something is “state of the art” and “cutting edge” you aren’t really saying much and people might start to roll their eyes.
Do have a backup plan. What if the product malfunctions when you are trying to demonstrate it? Have a plan in place that you can do if the product encounters any problems.
Don’t forget to present yourself professionally. The way that you look reflects on the company and alters the way that customers perceive the brand. Make sure that you are dressed neatly, well-groomed and have confident posture.

Do make sure that you are well prepared and pay attention to the details. A presenter that puts thought and care into how they appear will give a very good impression.
Don’t be afraid to use metaphors and stories as a way to explain how the product works. This type of colorful language helps you to make a point more quickly and effectively and will hold the attention of the customer. You will come across with more personality and they will remember how you made them feel rather than what you did or said.

Do identify clearly what the problem is that the product is designed to solve and how it solves that problem, so that you can express that clearly to the customer.

Don’t just make the product demonstration a one-way dialogue. Make sure that you are asking them questions and that they are fully engaged in the demonstration. Ask them things like, “many people really enjoy this feature, is this something that you would use?”
Do remember that the buyer will be able to sense your mood and overall confidence. If you are feeling insecure or pessimistic about your success or about the product, this will show. Make sure that you are in a happy and confident mindset.

Don’t be afraid to ask if anyone in the audience has concerns about the product. This shows that you are confident enough to take criticism and it is much better to address the problems head on rather than leaving them unsaid.

Do stand during the demo. Even if it has been a long day and your legs are tired, don’t sit down. Your customers will see this as a sign of disinterest and laziness. Also, it will be much easier to hold the attention of the customer if you are standing up.
Don’t hand out the customer brochures at the beginning of the demonstration. The customer might start to read them while they should be paying attention to you and you will struggle to get their focus back.

These are just a few tips that you can keep in mind for a successful product demonstration. When it comes to showing off your product, make sure you do it right so that you can impress your customers and make a great first impression.

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