Imagine you are planning to buy Villas in Jaipur or rent one. The first thought that might strike you is whether to opt for a furnished or an unfurnished one. The furnished ones are less common, but it might be beneficial for you.  This is the entire more so if you are a student or a working professional this could work out to be a major advantage of sorts.

What is a furnished villa? It does come with furniture, kitchenware, tables and other important piece of furniture. There are chances of a few amenities being included as well. This is going to be dependent on the place where you rent and the landlord. Let us now understand what the pros along with cons of opting for a furnished or unfurnished villa in Jaipur.


You can move in a quick manner

Before things pan out you can move in an easy manner. This is if an individual who is constantly on the move you would like to keep your stuff to a bare minimum. When your rent a furnished villa, most of the items in the home is not yours and this means that it is easy to shift at a short notice


It is a common occurrence that furnished villas cost more than the unfurnished ones, so you would really need to figure out whether reasonable savings on the money front is achieved or not. In the long run it would be better if you could rent an unfurnished place and buy your own furniture.

A good time saving option

Say for example if you are on the lookout for a new villa, your existing furniture needs to be chosen and you would need to figure out a place for it. This could be a major problem if you are planning to shift at short notice as a furnished villa takes away all the hassle of a time crunch.

A shorter lease

When it is the case of furnished villas the basic fact is that they do not want you to stay for a longer duration of time. Mostly students or working professionals stay in such places and these people are always on the move. If you are ok in not committing to a place for a long time then a furnished villa would not be a bad choice at all.

But all does not work out to be a bed of roses as far as furnished villas are concerned. It is not just about renting a home but some furniture along with amenities associated with it. The landlord has equipped the place in that manner and so they would pass it on to the tenant. For this precise reason the rent along with the security deposit is going to be on the higher side.

You are always accountable in terms of higher liability. Suppose a small damage is detected and it would mean that the landlord is going to levy the charges from the tenant.

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