Guide to Choosing the Best Tactical Chest Bag

Tactical chest bags play a critical role especially when you are outdoors hunting or for survival. You can use them to carry your gear and ammunition. If you are searching for a tactical chest bag, these are the critical things you ought to consider.


If you are planning to conceal your presence, then you should choose tactical chest rigs with camouflage patterns. These are designed to blend with plants and trees in the surrounding. If you want low-profile colors, you should opt for a coyote brown and olive drab. Ideally, these colors suit lots of situations. If you are hunting in the wilderness, you should go for black as it matches the surrounding at night. No matter your choice, you should ensure the color you choose suits your mission and environment.

Storage Capacity

Most of the tactical chest bags come with webbings, pouches, and pockets. You can opt to have all of these in your chest rig. This will ensure you carry additional gear. Molle webbing is the most common and some feature mag pouches. Since you need to keep your valuables such as mobile phones and car keys, you should choose those with interior pockets. As you probably know, you are better prepared for survival or emergency when you have adequate gear. This does not mean you go for tactical chest bags that have lots of pockets and it becomes difficult to find your gear.

Shoulder Straps

You should pay attention to the size of the shoulder straps. If the shoulder straps are too huge, then your chest bag might not be favorable in low-visibility situations. On the other hand, thin straps are not ideal when carrying a heavy load. Most of the tactical chest bags available have two types of harness: X and H. X harnesses are meant for low and light-profile bags that carry bulky stuff. H harnesses are designed to distribute the weight around your body uniformly. This makes them perfect for people with a larger build.


There are different materials used to make tactical chest bags. However, most of them are made of nylon, specifically Cordura or Ballistic. If you want a chest bag with more tensile strength and heavier, then you should opt for one made of Ballistic. Cordura has better abrasion resistance and a canvas-like appearance. This makes it more casual. Remember that these fabrics are durable and heavy-duty. Other than the fabric, you should check the material used to make the zippers.


The good thing about tactical chest bags is that a single size fits all. This is because they are designed with adjustability in mind. You can easily adjust both the waist and shoulder straps. Ensure you adjust your straps accordingly to prevent the chest rig from slipping.


With the right tactical chest bag, you can keep most of the gear you need outdoors. For instance, you can carry medical kits, ammunition, flashlights, and survival knives. Other than having enough tactical equipment, you can keep your hands free.



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