We present a few tips to pick the best broadband provider. But here’s a hint: it’s Airtel.

Many people today are setting up offices inside their homes. Since the Internet offers the opportunity to work from absolutely anywhere in the world, remotely working from your home is not just possible but also advisable. It saves you the effort of having to go out for work, and you can work efficiently from a space that you are comfortable with.

However, working from home is next to impossible if you don’t have a good Internet connection to back your efforts. This need is compounded if you have two or more staff members joining you in your home office – you must provide Internet connections to each of their terminals or laptops. Thus, a broadband connection helps you when you need multiple device connectivity, fast speeds and affordably priced monthly plans.

But how can you pick the right broadband provider? We offer some tips on doing so:

* The provider has several plans to choose from.

Most broadband providers have generic plans to offer, with nearly the same speeds and data quota in each. Only leading providers like Airtel broadband have multiple plan options, each designed with specific features and functionalities based on user needs. Consider Airtel broadband plans for Hyderabad, to get an idea of the wide range of plans on offer:

Thus, there are at least 12 Airtel broadband plans available in Hyderabad, basis the plan period: one month, six months of 12 months. Consider the pricing and features carefully before you buy.

* The best network connectivity at all times.

Merely checking the pricing options is just one part of buying a good broadband connection. More important are features like network connectivity and data speeds. If speeds are lacking, your work and surfing experience suffers. Again, Airtel broadband offers the highest ever speeds with its unique V-fiber network that offers an unprecedented 99% uptime and speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps based on the plan you purchase. With such high speeds and the high monthly data quota (from 150 GB to 1200 GB), you can surf, download movies, heavy software and files, and still not suffer any slowing down or network outages. Airtel’s network is always on, owing to its humongous pan India network of mobile towers and services.

* Promptness in setting up the connection.

These days, there is no need to pick up the phone and call the provider to inquire about broadband. You can simply initiate the purchase process on the provider’s website or smartphone app. How promptly the provider responds to your query determines their promptness in setting up the connection as well. The faster the response rate, the better. When you inquire about Airtel broadband on their website or app, you will receive a call back within two hours to take the process forward. Airtel broadband also has a quick, hassle-free installation process that does not take more than a few hours.

* Easy bill payment options.

Once the connection is installed and in use, a good service provider will send you timely reminders about the bill due date. They will also have easy bill payment options spanning just a few steps. You can pay your monthly bill for Airtel broadband on the Airtel website or the myAirtel app.

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