There are milestones that every small business wants to achieve. You want to achieve your first customer, of course, then you want to make your first pound, your first one hundred pounds, and so on. There is another milestone that many people seek to achieve as well; many companies want to move into an office.

If you started your small business in your home, it might be growing at a rate that you can no longer keep it in your home. That’s a proud moment, but it’s also a problem. You need to have the flexibility, the connectivity, and the space to do your business properly, so you need an office. There are some things to take into consideration though.

Office Considerations

You should first consider the size of your office. 100 square metres is the size of a small office and typically the type of office that you will find for a business with only one or two employees. One hundred square metres is 10 metres by 10 metres, which is about the size of a small family room. This is also probably going to be the most affordable office space in West Midlands.

If you need more space, however, you should look into a company that offers you more opportunities for renting office space to grow. Then, you should consider the accessibility that you will have.


You need to be able to get into your office at any time of the day or night. Even though you are renting an office from some other company, it is your office for the time you pay for it, so you should have access to it as long and as often as you need. That means the office you rent should have 24/7 access for approved people, alarm systems, and separate entrances for everyone that is approved to enter.


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