Viruses, worms, and spam are a threat to any business. When an employee opens an email attachment containing a virus, your entire infrastructure may be compromised. These issues should not be taken lightly if you want to protect your business and customers from malicious activity. The use of advanced filter software may help prevent viruses and reduce the amount of spam.

Protect Your Data and Block Threats

The primary advantage of implementing filter software is to protect your data. Your business computers or servers may contain sensitive information, including the payment information for your clients or customers. It is your responsibility to keep this information safe.

Filters help protect data by blocking threats. Viruses, worms, and malware hidden in email attachments may provide hackers with a way to disrupt or access your systems. When you prevent these malicious emails from reaching the inbox of your staff, you reduce the risk of hacker attacks.

Blocking Spam Helps Improve Productivity

Filtering unwanted messages helps to improve the productivity of your workforce by eliminating the need to review unnecessary emails. When you effectively block spam, you know that the remaining incoming emails are relevant.

Preventing viruses from attacking your computers and servers also prevent delays in your daily business operations. If a system becomes infected with a virus, you may need to pause operations while your IT staff deals with the issue.

Keep Spam from Filling Up Your Mailbox

Depending on your email provider, you may have limits on the size of your mailboxes. Spam can fill your mailbox and prevent important messages from getting through. Blocking this spam keeps your mailbox from filling up quickly and ensures that essential messages do not get lost among unwanted emails.

Cost-Effective Enterprise Solutions

The use of filtering software is a cost-effective way to protect your business. Software such as MailCleaner provides businesses with multiple solutions to fit any budget and number of mailboxes. You get to choose the level of support that you require, along with other details to meet your email filtering needs.

No Need to Modify Existing Infrastructure

Advanced filtering software is installed between the mail infrastructure and the internet. You can install the necessary software on-site or through a hosted service or cloud appliance. This prevents the need to modify your existing intranet.

Your current practices remain in place, while the software provides an added layer of protection against viruses and spam. By eliminating the need to modify your existing systems, you can easily implement filtering software without disrupting your schedule.

If your current email client does not provide an effective solution for filtering emails, you may need additional software. The use of anti-spam software helps protect your data, boost productivity, and ensures that you receive important messages.



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