“O Brave new world, that has such people in ’t!”

Miranda’s response to the arrival of newcomers to Prospero’s island in Shakespeare’s The Tempest has taken on a life of its own over the centuries. Staying within the literary vein, Aldous Huxley used that line for the title of the famed critique of his own time and beyond, Brave New World.

The phrase “brave new world” has, thus, come to stand for bold and dramatic change such as faces our economy today. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to entering the “brave new world” of lead generation on online platforms.

Facebook Options

Few things have shaped our world in the last decade-plus more than Facebook. It’s where more than a billion people across the globe spend at least part of their days. It is one of the most powerful social platforms not just in our own time, but in modern history.

All of which makes it an excellent and, frankly, at this point, essential platform for lead generation. Everything from making regular and sponsored posts to interfacing with those who comment on your posts can help you build your online presence, establish a rapport with the customers, make them aware of your products, generate leads, and all the while gather invaluable demographic data on your followers by way of Facebook’s analytics.

Twitter Options

Where Facebook is good for longer-form posts, Twitter is best used as a means by which to disseminate 140-character slogans and images. Generating leads with Twitter, therefore, depends greatly on your ability to effectively use hashtags and trending topics to draw attention to your own platform and products and post short, compact, catchy lines and images that are immediately eye-catching, all with links so as to allow users to arrive at your site and generate leads with a single click.

LinkedIn Options

Think of LinkedIn as a more professionalized, corporatized version of Facebook. LinkedIn specializes in allowing people to connect with fellow business associates and thus network more efficiently online. As such, one approach to LinkedIn as a means by which to generate leads is to apply traditional business-to-business networking skills to the online world. You can use various tabs to check on other people’s achievements and pages. Sending them a private message via LinkedIn can be a great way to start a dialogue that can, in turn, help both parties benefit, in part by allowing both parties the potential to “link” with one another’s respective LinkedIn networks.

YouTube Options

Lead generation via online and, in particular, YouTube influences is one of the most exciting new marketing possibilities today. Word-of-mouth marketing is a mainstay of lead generation and YouTube influencers represent the next generation of that philosophy.

Google Ads Options

In the pre-Internet days, a successful business’s calling card was, well, a literal business card. Today, it’s a high ranking on Google searches. Securing that high ranking is essential, which in turn requires a working knowledge of the analytics behind Google AdWords as well as its potential for lead generation. Take the time to research SEO techniques and put them into practice in your Google Ads.

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