Are you tired of sending out dozens of resumes and job applications but getting very few calls? A lot of people struggle with getting a job, especially when moving to a foreign country. If you’re new to Malaysia, you may be stressed about finding work, especially as foreigner with few contacts in the Malaysian job market. However, if you do some online searching, you’re likely to find some great customer service jobs for which you’re a perfect fit. How can you secure yourself an interview for one of these jobs? Here are a few tips that can help.

Mirror the Phrases Found in the Job Posting

Some online job applications are actually screened first by a computer algorithm, especially if you’re applying for a job with a large business that may get hundreds of resumes. Others may be read first by a low-level recruiter or HR person who may not necessarily understand the job duties for the position for which you’re applying. One way to make sure you pass through this first phase is to use some of the same language in your resume and cover letter that you see in the job description.

For example, if a customer service job description lists a required duty as “assist customers as needed” and your resume says, “helped customers when they asked for assistance,” some people would recognise those as essentially the same actions. However, an algorithm may not. Even a live person may not see a perfect fit there if he or she has read through dozens of resumes already. Using the same language will make people see that you are a great match for the job.

Make Multiple Resumes

While customer service jobs in Malaysia are easy to find here,they’re not all identical. Some of these job services may focus more on certain aspects of customer service than others. Don’t be afraid to tailor your resume for every job you apply for. Change out some of your job experience if it doesn’t fit the position and reword your phrases to match the job posting. The better your resume highlights your skills that the job demands, the more likely it is that you’ll be interviewed and hired.

Be Personable in Emails and on Applications

If you have the chance to send a personal note on your online application or in your email, do so. You don’t have to write more than a few lines, but say something personable. Many people simply email their resume or write nothing on their online application other than that they’re applying for the position. Say a few things about your job goals or how you fit with the position. It may be enough to get your resume looked over a little more closely than those sent in with nothing extra.

Likewise, be sure to send thank you emails or even hand-written notes following an interview. Doing so will definitely make you stand out from most other candidates. Few people make the effort to do any sort of follow-up contact, so by doing so, you will be noticed.

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