Many years ago, actually more years then I’d like to admit to, I started out working with siding and roofing crews.  In the early 70’s those trades weren’t too different then they are today.  Only the addition of power tools have speeded up the work a bit.  The sharp, agressive guys usually go into business for themselves and those happy to work as laborers simply keep on chuggin along back in the old days.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing a good hard day’s work each day.  But doing roofing is very tuff on the back and knees after the age of 30.  I’ve got a good friend who owns a successful roofing company, works on roofs every day with his crew and is 62 years old.  But believe me that he is the exception to the rule.

The reason I share this is that most guys by the age of 30 to 35 start looking for ways off the crew.  Many start their own businesses or go into the sales end of the business.  I know how it works since I’ve been there.

Currently the news has been full of depressing reports of the slow down in the construction industry.  There are more young guys being laid off each day if you listen to the reports.  I’m beginning to hear of reports of more and more unemployed construction workers going into related constuction fields.  In fact it seems many are hanging signs on their trucks and claiming to be contractors specializing in remodels.  The government is looking closely at this due to a rising level of homeowner complaints about everything from poor workmanship to fraud.

Having been there, I know there is a world of difference between doing roofing or framing and home remodeling.  This is why many guys get themselves into very stressful situations.

It is natural for guys to want to stay within their trades in hopes that the housing industry will turn around.  But the other way to look at this industry slow down is that today is an excellent time to start what could be a more dependable home business.

Although I’ve never meant many framers or roofers making near 6 figures or above, I know of many custom painters doing over that mark while many carpet cleaners are even making from 60,000 to 75,000 per year.  The added benefit is the custom painter can add to his bottom line by doing many home repairs that require carpentry skills pocessed by any framer or roofer.

So my suggestion to any being affected by the housing slowdown is to consider starting your own home business in a service field.  With your background and carpentry skills you will be able to widen out the available services you offer your customer.  Check out my guides and you’ll learn how to work 12 months of the year also.  That is something few construction workers ever can do depending upon their area of the country.

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