Industrial houses are notorious for fall and slip emerged accidents specifically on ladders, every year more or less each of the organization need to face allegation for being less attentive towards the safety of the workers. As a consequent to this, they have to pay a large amount of money as compensation. However, by taking simple steps they can easily put a stop to the commonplace accidents that take place inside the industrial houses or in the workstations.

Ladder is a commonly used item of every industry; the workers have to mount up the ladder for carrying out their work several times throughout the day. Hence, with futile effort of saving some bucks don’t settle down for a wrong item owing to its cheap price.

Choose the Material of the Ladder Judiciously

You need to choose the material that better matches to the environment where it will be used and kept. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity; hence, it’s inadvisable to use it in such areas where electrical shock is a concern. The wood would rot with time and moreover it becomes wobbly and loose with time. On the other hand, fibreglass ladders don’t corrode with time as anti-corrosive properties are incorporated into the product, its non-conductive feature makes it ideal to use in the electric power industry and the areas that are prone to static charges or vulnerable to current electricity. It comes with high strength but weighs lighter compared to the traditional alternatives. It’s non-magnetic and non-sparling in nature thus considered as a convenient material for highly inflammable zones. Rapid installation can be done with standard, handy tools; there is no need to rent lifting equipment. Moreover, the product is integrated with lower thermal conductivity and impact resistant feature.

Use Rung Covers to Enhance Safety

Often accidents happen due to slippery rungs of the ladders. This accentuates the use of installing rung covers. FRP made rung covers are undoubtedly the most durable and efficient products that enable safe treading on stairs. It provides an enlarged area to keep feet on the rung and the resilient properties of the covers provide high amount of friction. They are specifically beneficial in the marine industry, coastal area, petrochemical industry or the ladders stay exposed to grease and water.

It’s resistant to various chemicals that are often used in workplace. It’s integrated with anti-slip properties, resilient and anti-corrosive properties are infused into the structure as well. It can endure the harsh abuse of boot traffic. Rung covers are designed to provide easy and quick installation and often come with pre-drilled holes as well as mechanical adhesives or fasteners. The covers can be repainted to bring back the actual look.

Besides that you can consider using FRP grating on the work platform that comes with impact resistant bars, implemented in both directions making it ideal for continuous side support. it ensures to provide a corrosion-resistant, smooth surface.

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