As a student or an entrepreneur, time is valuable. There are only so many hours in the day – and each one needs to be productive. As a long time entrepreneur, I am acutely aware of the precious nature of time. Here are my tips on how students and entrepreneurs can best manage their time –


We can all look busy but not get a great deal done. This comes from not setting appropriate goals from the very start. If you know your goals in the long term, then build these into shorter term goals and measure all you do against these.


Sitting down at a desk without the focus on the task in hand is deadly for your time management efforts. Even if you have a plan, sticking to it is the most difficult part of getting the most from your day. Think about what you can do to increase your focus. Meditation and mindfulness are solutions.


There are distractions wherever you look. Some authors lock themselves away in a remote part of the world where they don’t even have access to the internet. This is a little extreme, but set aside parts of the day where you switch off the phone, leave the internet well alone and you will see better results.


OK, now this is probably one for the entrepreneur rather than the student, but don’t feel like you have to perform every single task. Delegating areas of what you do to others will free up some valuable time for the task that only you can do.

Time is a valuable resource. Managing it well is the key to success for many of us. It isn’t just the time that you make, but the quality of the work you deliver in that time period. Think about how you can use these tips to become more effective.

SINC Free Employee Time Clock is a great tool you can use right now. There is no cost involved with their free plan and it is very useful for time management.

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