Maybe we all know that there are two kinds of edible oil output procedures i.e personal pushing method under the help of an oil press and chemical solvent extraction procedure assisted by diverse chemical additives in the entire output method. While these days, personal pushing procedure has been more well liked. Why it is that?

First, physical pushing is much natural environment protection. Though chemical solvent extraction adopts food degree chemical solvents additive to get oil from oilseeds. It’s inevitable to have chemical residue in completed oil. personal pushing method adopts physical pressure mode to get oil from diverse oilseeds, so the whole method is green without any impairment to oil and environment.

Second, physical pushing presents much good oil value. personal pushing method will not destroy nutritional contents such as linoleic acid, a kind of unsaturated fatty unpleasant, and Vitamin E in kernel oil. Such oil is natural in flavor, free from additives and protected for long-term utilisation. However, due to chemical additives are often utilised in solvent extraction, a number of nutritional contents such as linoleic unpleasant, Vitamin E, metal and zinc are kept. If for long-term utilisation, the chemical residue retained in oil may lead to cancerous disease.

Third, personal pushing method has more higher oil yield and lower cost than before. With the fast development of technology, method of physical pressing procedure has been improved largely. particularly these days, numerous of the oil pushing machines take up multi stage pushing, which will offer higher and larger allowance of oil yield with much lower cost.

finally, with the relentless advancement of our society, people’s life quality will become ever better and their requirements for edible oil will be higher and higher. They will pay more and more vigilance to what they will consumed. So it’s certain that personal pressing oil will have huge and long term markets. For those who are in the line of edible oil output, choosing personal pushing procedure will be a nice principle.

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