Why Should You buy a black diamond screen

A black diamond screen is one of the few innovations to the projector and screen industry. While it is a relatively new option, this screen is slowly taking over the industry. Learned people in the industry understand the perks of this screen and can tell the usefulness. However, for many people, it is impossible to understand the benefits of a black diamond screen. However, the first thing you should know is black diamond screens have their advantages and some disadvantages. This article will explain some of the advantages of this screen as simply as possible.

This screen type rejects ambient light

Generally, the reason for the innovation of a black screen is to limit the impact of ambient light. Black diamond screen is a type of black screen, and like its counterparts, this screen does not accept ambient light. What this means is any ray of light coming from an oblique perspective does not pass through the screen. In turn, this will prevent the washing effect that the light can affect your display. With the ambient light, your image will get altered and won’t be clear to many people. But on a black diamond screen, no other light is showing, except from the light of the projector.

If you use a black diamond screen under a normal room light, the light won’t pass through. This makes the contrast more than the regular screen and increases the color of the screen. In turn, these features ensure that the pictures are vibrant.

It is truly black

It is impossible for a projector to project a black light. Light, in the general sense of it, is necessary for projecting, and it is never black. If you are using a projector and you notice black lights, it is only telling you that there is no light being projected. That is why the black surface you’re seeing is that way. With a black diamond screen, you’re not just buying any black screen. You are buying a screen that has a charcoal gray background. This background makes the dark color appear sharper. And should there be light issues with the image you are displaying, it will adjust it. Most times, you get an image with blacker blacks.

Great surface

If there is one thing that makes the black diamond screen stand out, it is the surface. This surface is a high definition that appears smooth. The surface smoothness is one that is very beautiful aesthetically, but not only that it is functional. The smoothness of the surface ensures that every detail of the image shown is clear and understandable. So your viewers will have zero issues seeing what you’re protecting.

Easy delivery

It is very easy to neglect the importance of easy delivery, until you face delivery issues. If you have gone through the pain of dragging a screen that is way bigger than you through a small space, you will understand. But with the diamond screen, you can roll it easily, and the screen will be easily delivered and carried.


A black diamond screen is a new innovation, and while it can be hard to change taste when it comes to screen, it is sometimes necessary. Like we have discussed, this screen comes bearing lots of advantages. So you can try it to enjoy its many perks.




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